Alexa won’t stay connected to WiFi – Echo WiFi Troubleshooting Guide

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So, your Alexa won’t stay connected to WiFi despite the network availability?

Or, your Alexa disconnect in the middle of any function like playing music or reading news?

For those nodding (yes) heads, we have included several associated causes in the guide alongside useful solutions. To add on, you can also read the helpful tips to prevent the Echo from disconnecting in the future.

Alexa won’t stay connected to WiFi

Who can benefit from this Troubleshooting Guide?

The troubleshooting post ahead will benefit all users, who are annoyed by Amazon Echo won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi or other similar issues stated below:

  • Alexa pauses in between while playing the music
  • New Dot won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi
  • Echo Dot and SSID network issues
  • Sorry, your Echo lost its connection
  • Amazon Alexa App skipping words or the entire sentence
  • How to fix connectivity issues with the Amazon Echo
  • Connected to Wi-Fi but the app says offline
  • Alexa app stuck on setup

Other than this, you might come across ample of other relating Echo Wi-Fi issues, which makes it hard to keep the Echo device connected to internet.

So, let us learn about each one of them one-by-one and implement the relevant solution!

What to do before troubleshooting ‘Alexa won’t stay connected to WiFi ’?

Prior advanced Amazon Echo troubleshooting, you must check- if any of the following points are missing from your checklist.

  • Amazon Alexa app must be updated. In case, you’re using the old version, its time to download Alexa app (advanced version) and install it.

update alexa app

  • Secondly, if you’ve installed Alexa app on your mobile, check the status of your Android system webview. In case, it needs up-gradation, go to play store and update the software.

update android web-view

  • Next, check your Echo Alexa device location. It must be 8 inches away from the walls and floor. Moreover, the Alexa device and your wireless router should be in the same room.
  • Also, don’t forget to keep electronic devices like television, radio, and microwave away from the Echo devices.
  • Proxy servers and VPN are the next troublemakers in the list. So, make sure they’re disabled.


  • You can also check if your Wi-Fi network is working with other devices or not. This way, you can find- which device requires troubleshooting!
  • Last but not the least, configure your wireless router on dual-band frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

Unable to Fix ‘Alexa won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi ’ problem

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 Alexa won’t stay connected to Internet: Let’s Troubleshoot

Hope, the list above has helped you to a great extent in fixing the Amazon Echo Wi-Fi problems.

Now, it’s time to start with the detailed troubleshooting of ‘Alexa won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi’ issue.

Hard Reset Amazon Echo 1st Generation

To start from scratch, this is one of the most common but accepted solutions to fix problems like the Echo device won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi.

Fixing the problems for 65% Amazon Echo users, the solution is a must try (especially for users with Echo 1st generation)!!

Before you begin with the hard reset of your Amazon Echo 1st generation, remember- the process will take time to complete, and you’ll need to setup Amazon Echo all again.

  • Now, take a small pin or paper clip like a tool that can help in pressing the reset button inside the hole of Echo Alexa device.

Refer the picture to locate the reset button.

  • You need to press and hold this button for few seconds unless the light ring turns orange.
  • Next, the Alexa ring will itself turn on and off. During this part of the procedure, maintain patience.
  • When Echo device again enters the setup mode, open your Alexa app to setup Amazon Echo
  • Once your Echo device connects with Alexa app and the Wi-Fi network also connects easily with the app, it’s time to check if the error ‘Amazon Echo won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi’ has resolved or not!

Hard Reset Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

For all users of Echo device (2nd generation), the process differs a little.

To know- how, check out the procedure discussed ahead and fix your Echo won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi problem.

Look out for the ‘microphone’ and ‘volume down’ button on the device top. Then, press and hold both the buttons for 20 seconds approximately.

  • Once you see the light ring turns orange and then, blue; leave those buttons and wait for the Echo Alexa device to restart.
  • Next, repeat the on-off process once again and when your Echo device enters the setup mode, open Alexa application and follow the process of Amazon Echo setup.
  • Also, connect your Alexa app to Wi-Fi network.
  • In case, you get Alexa registration error 10:2:12:3:1 or Echo Wi-Fi error 7:3:0:0:1 during the setup, refer the guides link for solutions.

Power Cycling the Modem and Router

Power cycle is a simple way to troubleshoot ‘Echo Alexa doesn’t stay connected to internet’ problem.

  • To perform this action, all you need to do is first power down the Alexa and then, do the same on modem and router.
  • Next, power up all the devices and connect the chord of Alexa device into the electric socket.
  • Once, your wireless router, modem, and Echo device restart, troubleshoot Amazon Echo won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi issue, and see if the problem resolves!
  • In case, you suspect the problem is with the network connectivity, contact your internet service provider to fix the issue.

Configure Router settings

This last Amazon Echo troubleshooting in the post is an advanced solution for ‘Alexa won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi’ problem.

So, let’s get started and fix the critical problem of your Alexa device.

Open the router’s login page on the browser window using the default gateway. Then, type the authenticated username and password to enter its’ dashboard.

Note: In case, you want to know the username and password of your router, check the link.

  • Next, enter the wireless settings on left pane and set the channel value for 2.4 GHz networks between 0-11. Likewise, set one channel value for 5.0 GHz network from the range: 36-49 and 149-165

Note: We have used Netgear router to describe the process. In case, you’re using- some other dual-band wi-fi router, the steps will remain the same. Only the terms may differ.

  • Next, scroll down to ‘Security Options’ section and select WPA2 [AES] radio button.
  • Also, make sure you have assigned different SSID names for both the networks. In case, they are same, change to avoid any network conflict.
  • Then, navigate to WAN settings on the left pane and select the checkbox of ‘Disable Port scan.’
  • Finally, click on OK and Apply button to save the changes. Now, restart the router and check if the issue named ‘Echo device doesn’t stay connected to the internet gets fixed or not.

Still, your Alexa won’t stay connected to Wi-Fi??

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